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" My Story "

" My Story "

Growing up,
Kelly was a very imaginative child.
Always up to something!
Inventing things, telling stories, playing, and just being in her own world.
She was content being alone or creating adventures for her and her imaginary friends.
Nature was a comforting source to Kelly and she believed she could talk to the wind.
She referred to the wind as,
"Almighty Spirit."

As she grew up, she learned that being a healer or "See-er" was a family trait on both sides.
Through her awareness of Source, she realized that it wasn't the wind she was speaking to, it was Spirit.
And those imaginary friends of hers', weren't so imaginary after all but "spirits" who also wanted to play.

Massage therapy lead Kelly to
the gateway of healing.
She picked up right away on the energy of bodywork as a vessel for healing.
Kelly explored energy work and reiki,
which helped attune her healing gifts.
She then trained in, "Hands on Healing" , where she became a Healing Minister in the spiritualist community.
Ordained in the Order of Melchizedek, Kelly takes great joy in officiating weddings, vow renewals, and healing work in various venues, such as hospitals, clinics, churches...

Kelly has always been psychically aware, as we all have the innate ability of intuition.
She had the priviledge of working with her esteemed mentor and close friend,
Shirley Calkins Smith,
assisting with Women’s Empowerment Retreats. 
This is where Kelly was able to shine and hone in on her Mediumship abilities.

Using meditation, emotional freedom technique, oracle cards, sound therapy, and many other modalities in her tool belt; Kelly now shares her gifts with the community.

Known for her quick wit, candor, moxy and authenticity; Kelly takes her service solemnly and is always willing to help others live for their highest and best.

Kelly considers herself a Phoenix who is always rising from the ashes.
Emerging and creating the life she invisions.
We all have our own ashes to rise up from and embrace our inner Phoenix.

Join Kelly and her choir of Phoenixes 
and Rise Up!

"with these hands, God give me strength.
with these hands, God give me hope.
with these hands,God give me faith. Rise Up"       
                                                                                     ~ bruce springsteen  

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"You just can't make this stuff up,
If ya did it wouldn't be as funny". 
                                          ~ K  Wahl