K Wahl

K Wahl

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Intuition  ~  Inspiration  ~ Illumination

K Wahl

h e a l i n g   a r t s

Healing comes in many forms.
It's as simple as a smile to a stranger,
a compliment to a co-worker,
or a hug to a loved one.
We all have the ability to heal and to receive healing.

I am a light worker. 
I work with Spirit in the realms of healing on all levels. 
I perform bodywork through massage therapy
to alleviate bodily aches and pain. 
I use Universal Source through Mediumship for people to receive solace from lost ones who have passed and guidance for what is to be. 
I balance and restore energy fields by using the chakras and Hands on Healing. 
I integrate tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique to rid past trauma and old thought patterns.  
I am a vessel to help you be an active participant in your own rescue and empower you to be your
most authentic self. 
Through all of this I inspire people to live
their highest and best.

Are you ready to live your most authentic self?
Let Me Help You Illuminate!


Breath Work Is Key In Keeping "Inspired".
Take a moment now to reconnect with your breath.

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